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Welcome to the 'Ol Miners' Meanderins'! There is in fact a guy we refer to as the "Ol Miner". He's the genius behind our fantastic flavors and subtle blends, AND he's the boss. Occasionally, he writes an installment here himself, so watch for those! Miners Mix products are all natural. In fact, our company slogan is "If it didn't exist in 1850, it ain't in here". We're very proud of our products, and we know you will enjoy them. While most of our products (and our efforts) are geared toward cooking outside, you'll find a wide variety of application for indoor cooking as well! You can also find Miners Mix on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Join us on our delicious journey!

Miners Mix Buttermilk Brined Turkey 

NOTE:  This recipe produces spectacular results with oven roasted or smoked turkeys.    Prep Time: 25 minutes   Brine Time: 10-12 hours or overnight  Cook Time: 4-6 hours   Smoker Temp: 240 to 300°F   Meat Finish Temp: 165°F (Poultry must attain 165°F or higher to be … Continue reading

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Miners Mix Keto Oven Fried Chicken

We recently ran a photo – this photo, in fact – on our social media feeds (by the way, if you’re not following us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and/or YouTube, you should be!!).  When we ran the photo, we promised … Continue reading

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Smoked Chicken Soup

When we featured this on our social media feeds, folks seemed to like it, so we thought we’d share the specifics.  The really good thing about this dish is you’ve got to start with a smoked chicken!  In this case … Continue reading

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A lamb’s gotta do what a lamb’s gotta do!

One of the best things about being a rub and spice company is that we get to cook (and eat!) a lot.  Recently, we had the pleasure of dining at the Ol’ Miner’s place and watching him do his magic … Continue reading

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Miners Mix Alfredo Sauce

Those who follow our culinary exploits, either here or on our web site, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook (or, hopefully all six) are well aware that the Miners Mix family of products means great, gourmet outdoor cooking.  If you’re new … Continue reading

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Miners Mix Carolina Style Barbecue Sauce

To be honest, when we cook, we normally cook sans sauce.  Not that we don’t like sauce, but when you make the world’s best gourmet spices and rubs, there’s not all that much call for sauce in your cooking.  When … Continue reading

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Miners Mix Oven Fried Chicken

As summer closes, many folks ask us if there’s any way to use Miners Mix indoors.  Now, our first thought is yes, but why would you?  Then we realize that most folks don’t enjoy the weather advantages of living on … Continue reading

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