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A lamb’s gotta do what a lamb’s gotta do!

One of the best things about being a rub and spice company is that we get to cook (and eat!) a lot.  Recently, we had the pleasure of dining at the Ol’ Miner’s place and watching him do his magic … Continue reading

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Miners Mix Alfredo Sauce

Those who follow our culinary exploits, either here or on our web site, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook (or, hopefully all six) are well aware that the Miners Mix family of products means great, gourmet outdoor cooking.  If you’re new … Continue reading

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Miners Mix Carolina Style Barbecue Sauce

To be honest, when we cook, we normally cook sans sauce.  Not that we don’t like sauce, but when you make the world’s best gourmet spices and rubs, there’s not all that much call for sauce in your cooking.  When … Continue reading

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Skin On Pork Belly

Recently we posted this picture on our social media feeds, and the overwhelming response was “How did you do that?”  In truth, it ain’t hard, and much to our chagrin, the method doesn’t use any Miners Mix product at all!  … Continue reading

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Hot? Whaddya Mean Hot?

When first we embarked on the Miners Mix adventure, we had a stable of rubs and spice blends of which we were very proud. We set about the genial task of marketing them to a hungry public, and we enjoyed … Continue reading

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Smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em…

One of the tastiest methods of preparing food is often avoided by neophytes to the joy of outdoor cooking. Smoking meat appears to be couched in mystery, and the methods thereof whispered like some dark secret held close by the … Continue reading

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Miners Mix Fried Chicken

(The GENERAL Pulls Rank on the Colonel) Few things gastronomical are better than fried chicken. Well, there were those three prime rib roasts we did a while ago, oh and the multitudes of tri tip, and the smoked ribs, and … Continue reading

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