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Miners Mix Fried Chicken

(The GENERAL Pulls Rank on the Colonel) Few things gastronomical are better than fried chicken. Well, there were those three prime rib roasts we did a while ago, oh and the multitudes of tri tip, and the smoked ribs, and … Continue reading

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Indoor Grillin’ while outside it be a Chillin’ (and a Rainin’)

According to the calendar it is officially winter and up here in the hills we’re finally getting drops of stuff falling out of the sky, something which we have not seen in far too long of a time. Creeks, some … Continue reading

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Prime Rib

Because the West was not won with ham!   Here in the far Wild West, placer and hard-rock gold mining remnants are strewn literally everywhere. Of course, one must recognize that all those piles of dirt and gravel alongside the … Continue reading

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Fresno Food Expo is Coming!

Big News! Miners Mix just obtained a vendor number from Market Centre/Unified Grocers, one of the largest distributors in the nation. Being a vendor to Unified means that all the grocery chains they service can now buy and stock our … Continue reading

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Fresno Food Expo and other related stuff and junk

While this space is usually reserved for the Ol’ Miner to talk about what’s on his mind, occasionally we (his trusty staff) steal it for our own devious purposes. As many of you know, the Ol’ Miner has a regular … Continue reading

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Fish on!! The grill…

People who claim they don’t like fish have NEVER had GOOD fish. This blog will tell you how to make GOOD fish! A lot of folks are scared to grill fish the way it was meant to be grilled, which … Continue reading

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The Ol’ Miner’s Smoker

The Ol’ Miner himself sent this picture to us (his trusty IT staff) for another Miner’s Mix enterprise (hint: keep an eye out for “Sierra Smoke”).  This is the Ol’ Miners Pit Smoker.  It’s got some pretty special modifications designed by … Continue reading

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